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Little tweaking on bad bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by lefranck, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!! First post here, hehe.

    Ok, I'm fairly new to bass playing (about a year and a half, with a few months of lessons...). I still have my first bass guitar which is a Yamaha RBX 170. I'm planning to upgrade soon... My biggest problem with it is that the strings are quite far from the neck, and I was wondering whether I can use the screws situated on the bridge to tweak that. I mean, I guess that's what they're for but I'm not sure whether that's a wise thing to do, as I've never done any modification on my bass before and I have no idea what sorts of problems I might get from doing that. So I thought I'd ask here :)

    Thanks for any help !!
  2. i dont really understand your question... do you want to move the entire bridge closer to the neck? or just the saddles? and what do you mean the strings are too far from the neck?
  3. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Lower the saddles im pretty sure he means. I find it funny how many people are uncomfortable/unknowledgeable about setup, i guess just bc i learned about it right when i started. Hmph.
  4. ok well here is how you do it

    It is called lowering your action and it is really very simple, just lower the "number 4" screws a lil at a time until you are comfortable with the action, make sure there isnt a lot of fret buzz unless you like that kinda thing and try to make the strigns kind of curve over the fret board. You may also have to lower the picups or the bass may sound boomy. hope that helps
  5. Yes, I guess I mean "lower the saddles" :) Sorry, I still have the vocabulary to learn...

    Thanks a lot silent_method. I wanted to make sure that it was that easy. I'll try that tonight.
  6. it is really very easy, i dont think you can really screw anything up doing this.

    oh and welcome to talkbass :bassist:

    lol i keep thinking of things after i post but here


    this is an amazing link! it can be soo helpful and i really recomend you use it. also this should be in the set up forum
  7. Excellent link indeed !! I'll have a closer look once I'm at home. Wouldn't want to upset my boss, afterall he's the one who gives me the money I need for my next bass :)

    Thanks again !!