LittleMark II with Ampeg 8X10?

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    Apr 13, 2007
    I have a guitar player friend who's trying to help his bass player friend. Apparently the bass player is using an old junky head on top of an Ampeg 8X10 cab. The amp expired due to an accident so the bass player needs a new amp. My friend called me and asked my thoughts. I shared my entheusiasm about my recently purchased LMII. I'm running mine over Eden cabs and I'm delighted with it. My friend expressed concern over the LMII getting along OK with the Ampeg cab. Truthfully, I don't know anything about those cabs and whether one would be a good match for an LM II. Is anybody using this combination? Is it good or bad? Cabinet load? My friend lives 3 states away, so I can't just hand off my LM II and let him try it.

    Any thoughts or experiences appreciated.
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    The 810 cab has a 4 ohm load, so there's no problem there. How does it sound? Like a clean-running SVT! Almost identical, as a matter of fact.
  3. That should be fine, the only problem is it will be lonely and small all the way up there :p
    I use my 300W rated GK400RB-IV with my ampeg 810 and it sounds ten times louder than 300W.
    Its great.
  4. I've used MY LMII with my Berg NV610(close as I can get to an SVT810 I'm afraid) & she sounds GREAT!!! Doesn't sound like the V4 or SVT2 but still GREAT!! Clean, clear, -as all know- using the filters-an 'old skool' thang...etc... But yeah- she sure does LOOK small sittin atop the NV610 so on a 810........ ;-)
  5. I thought the big deal with markbass was the size/weight thing. It would give you the best of both worlds. mini/maxi rig.
  6. I have a lm2 and an 810 but have never used them together. Kind of a contradiction of a set up if you ask me. I use my orange ad200b with the 810 and the lm2 with my mb 410. They bothe do their jobs respectively but i dont see the point of having such a big cab if you want a light weight head. All tube through an 810 is the way in my eyes.
  7. It would look like the guy on the right.