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"Live at the 55bar" now on iTunes!!!!

Discussion in 'Ask Janek Gwizdala' started by janekbass, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. janekbass


    Jan 28, 2004
    Los Angeles
    Founder and CEO of http://janeksbassstudio.com
  2. jwbassman

    jwbassman Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    Right on!

    I'll be downloading this tonight when I get back from work.
  3. Great!

    Just got it! I have also been enjoying your trio work! That is just some great playing..
  4. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Jan 9, 2004
    London ON
    I've had it for a while now. Great disc, great playing and a great bar. Can't wait to go again.
  5. janekbass


    Jan 28, 2004
    Los Angeles
    Founder and CEO of http://janeksbassstudio.com
    and the album is also now available on CDbaby where you can buy MP3's through secure download direct from their site, as well as the physical CD.



  6. Mike McGibney

    Mike McGibney Not impossible ... Inevitable

    Apr 13, 2005
    Essex, UK.
    Finally! I'll get my paws on this tonight. Cheers for the headsup!
  7. Sorax


    Sep 9, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Just downloaded it and will start listening on my way to the gym and about town tonight! Looking forward to it.
  8. Sorax


    Sep 9, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    ...on first listen it's absolutely killing. So real man, love the tunes and all the playing. Many thanks!
  9. Wicked, been waiting for this for a while. I'll pick it up shortly. Cheers Janek!
  10. This is one of my favorite albums in my collection. I play it constantly. I love the 'raw' feel of the recording. Next best thing to being there.

    I'll be picking up the bootleg albums soon as well!
  11. Sorax


    Sep 9, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    You might like this Janek, was listening to the album with a friend and talking about the huge range of influences, and he said "it's really just 21st century music."
  12. Kiki


    Apr 23, 2013
    Hi everybody,

    I would like to say something about the bassist Tal Wilkenfeld well I heard here and saw on the stage with Jeff more about here than the music I was not impress really, you know it was so mush talk about here you the think she is the best think ever, guess what! they have so much talented female out there they will blow you away which I saw them in New Orleans, but they are not cute like here...and not performing with Jeff beck !! Specially in this business very hard to make it...definitely She hang out with the right people, have a certain attitude, and of course playing with Jeff beck mostly you listen to him no matter who's with him of course the musician need to play at least little bit, you know it's Jeff beck!!! did you see him with ugly girls I bet not!!!!
  13. middlebit


    Sep 10, 2005
    What are you doing here on this site, this forum and in this thread?!?
  14. adamsmatthewj


    May 4, 2013
    Listened to this album on REPEAT on my Spotify whilst painting my daughters playroom...
    Sick jams!

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