Living Colour at The Forum, London

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  1. I saw Living Colour live on thursday.
    great to see the band whose albums I spent hours playing along to when I started on bass, but overall I was a bit disappointed......

    Vernon Reid's guitar sounded very muddy (the mix overall was poor too), and cut out a few times.
    somehow I think that while Doug Wimbish is technically a better bass player, I preferred Muzz Skillings. I've got a tape of a gig they did back in around 91 that sounds amazing.
    Wimbish played an electric upright on "Love rears its ugly head", but I preffered the groovier line Skillings played live (as used on the single) rather than the staccato line as on the original album version.

    they played too much obscure stuff (from B-sides, or new stuff that didn't really hit the mark) , and jammed out some of the songs eg. "Type" too much.
    seeing as it was their first gig in London for 7yrs I'd have thought they'd have done all the well-known stuff back-to-back.

    still, I was glad I went.
  2. Never had the opportunity to see them live, but I wish I could have. I have their first two albums, I think Muzz played on both, but I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing. :D
  3. yeah, Muzz played on Vivid and Time's Up, and the Biscuits EP. I'm sure that's him playing on the live version of Love rears its ugly head that's included on the European version of Stain too.

    I hear that Muzz is playing guitar now with his current band....shame.