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"Living with the Past" Jethro Tull Live DVD

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Lisa Weiss, May 17, 2002.

  1. Well...wasn't sure if this belonged in Recordings, or not, since it's a DVD, so I took a stab and threw it in here. :D

    Just picked up the new Tull Live DVD, and it's pretty darned cool! The DVD covers some additional material that's not on the Live CD, like Bouree'. They have little interviews between the songs, a bigger interview section under extras, a photo gallery and a virtual ticket window, where you can watch one of the songs from either the wings, the balcony or right in front of the stage.

    The only gripe I have, is that they actually cut into Bouree' with an interview with the Bassist, who's name escapes me at the moment, right before the bass solo. Thankfully, it's short, but that's like my favorite Tull song.

    Over all, it's a great CD. The sound quality is good, and the set list is awesome! If you're a Tull fan, it's worth picking up.

  2. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    I'm going to pick it up this weekend!!
    I hear ya about the bassplayer interview cutting off your favorite tune (Bummer).
    I love the bassplayer his name slips my mind , it's in the program at home! He was awesome when we sen them live last summer, His tone is what made me go out and buy a nice Pbass this year.
    I'm actually looking forward to the little interview with him.
    Thank you for the heads up Lisa!
  3. Lisa, I'd noticed in another of your posts that you were a tull fan and responded in kind.

    i think i've seen tull 22 times. besides yes, they were one of my favorite bands. i love the fact that ian anderson plays these crazy ideas but is totally unschooled in how to play flute. a shame that he suffers from all those throat probs now; he has one of the most memorable voices in rock.

    remember when tull won the grammy or some such award for being "best heavy metal band?" i guess this was in the mid-80s. it was the funniest thing. all the hair bands were sitting there, aghast, a real "***??" expression over their faces.

    anyhow, the dvd sounds killer. hope you keep enjoying it. i used to be able to play 'bouree' on a glass flute. doubt i could pull it off now.



    p.s. i have the original "Stand Up" album. It's a pop-up book. Also have the complete original Thick as a Brick album, with the full newspaper insert. Makes for some of the funniest reading in rock.
  4. Glenn Cornick was the bass player on "Stand Up"

    - here's a link to some pics...

    - Wil

  5. a few years back, ian was on leno or letterman [geez, i can never keep those guys straight ; ], and he mentioned he'd had polyps and had to lay off singing for a little while.

    maybe he got treated for them since, or he's just singing in a different vocal range, since they do seem to be touring mightily these days.

    i'd like to check them out again. i just do wish they'd hang up aqualung, though. it's hard to recapture the spirit of that tune when you've played it 5 zillion times!

  6. That's it!!! Thanks Josh! :D

  7. Yeah Miko....I've been seeing Tull since 1972. They're incredible live! I'm planning on working on bouree' on bass as my next reading project. Since I'm still not reading all that well yet, my teacher will transcribe a song for me, then I figure it out from notation. Thankfully, he has an incredible ear! :D

    If Ian had voice problems, they're over with now. This DVD was shot during the later part of 2001, over the course of several shows in England and the US.

  8. beachgeddy


    Jul 11, 2001
    Muskegon, MI
    Its good to see other bass playing Tull fans. I've been a big fan since I discovered them in the early 90s. I think the music is unique enough to influence a lot of musicians for a lot of years in the future. Does anyone have any flute tabs? :D
  9. I've seen Tull at least a dozen times over the years- last time was about 3 years ago: Still as much fun as ever to see. I Have never seen them do a bad show. And some of them were among the most entertaining I have ever seen.

    Plus they have had some mighty fine bassists over the years. My favs are John Glasscock ("or as he is known in the band: Brittle Dick"- IA), and Jeffery Hammond-Hammond.
  10. My dad and I are going to go see them on their 'living with the past' tour on the 14th of next month. I can't wait. It will be my first time to see them, and most likely my last, i dont imagine they will be touring much after this.....
  11. I wouldn't sweat it too much evilbob! I expect they'll tour until they drop! :D It's a great show for you to see. They are really incredible live! I missed them this time through Atlanta due to the weather, and I've been bumming about it ever sense! Enjoy the show!

  12. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    My wife just ordered this DVD from Columbia house,
    Sweet Josh! I had no idea about the original line-up,
    Can't wait
  13. The "new" bass player's name is Jonathan Noyce - he's so "new" that he's been with the band over 6 years now! That's longer than every other Tull bassist except Dave Pegg.

    Regarding Ian's voice - it still gives him some trouble on long tours but his flute and guitar skills are better than ever. They've actually changed the keys on a few tunes to make it a little easier to sing - Aqualung is now played a tone lower than originally.

    In other Tull news - 3 new remasters were released Tuesday: "Warchild", "Minstrel in the Gallery" and "To Old to Rock and Roll". They all contain lots of bonus material (much of it taken from the 20th Anniversary Box which is no longer in print. The remasters sound quite superior and the original artwork is restored (with some extras there too).

    Tull rules!
  14. I'd strongly recommend the Warchild remaster - it has 7 bonus tracks of other material recorded around that time.

    You might also check out some of their more recent studio albums like J-Tull Dot Com or Roots to Branches if you don't have them. Both are fine discs IMO.
  15. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    I have been trying to find a copy of 1980's Stormwatch, John Glasscock's last album before he passed.
    If anybody has a copy of it I would pay to have a copy burned? unless someone can tell me where I can buy my own?
  16. I definitely recommend War Child as well, also This as a Brick is a must have, and Minstrals in the Gallery is alos really cool.

  17. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Actually, I think this should be in Recordings though - the DVD does have audio stored on it, and besides video is recorded too :)

    Dunno about that certain DVD then, is it mainly interview or does it have songs too? But anyways, I think as far as anything music related sound or video go, they should be considered recordings, in bit of a loose frame.
  18. jglascockfan#1


    Dec 19, 2004
    hello ~
    as we all know john only played on 3 tracks on "stormwatch" with ian aptly filling in the rest of the tracks . i think he copied johns playing to make the album sound "whole".
    may i suggest othe great glascock moments?
    carmen " i've been crying "
    toe fat " idol"
    chicken shack " cryin' won't help you"
    the gods " groozy "
    tull " aqualung " from bbc sights & sounds '76
    tull " hunting girl "
    also .. if you happen to have the 20th anniversay set.. check out "crossword" . great unreleased track !!
    i hope this info helps some tull fan out there !!
    john glascock R.I.P.

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