LMII not enough to power Bergantino HT-210? A question about efficiency...

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    Hey guys,

    I stopped by my local bass shop today since they had a used Beg HT-210 in stock for a pretty good price. I planned to return later with my bass and LMII to see if I liked the combination, but didn't get a chance to. However, a couple of the guys there suggested that the LMII might not be enough to power that cab since it wasn't designed to be as efficient as, for example, the AE series of berg cabs. One noted that a lot of guys were using more power heads such as the DB750 to power that cab.

    Does this jive with most guys' experiences? I still plan to return to see for myself (if they still have them by then), but it got me wondering as to how to really shop for a cab that'll match my bass and head, and wondering if I'm going about it the wrong way.

    What do you think? How can one shop for "efficiency" in heads and cabs?
  2. I have a Berg HT210/HT115 stack I use on gigs regularly, both together and separately. I'd characterize them as "moderately efficient" compared to other cabs I own and have owned; but I would certainly expect an LMII (300 watts @ 8 ohms) could drive either cab without a problem unless you really want to explore the speakers' limits.

    When I use either the HT210 or the HT115 separately (which are, of course, 8-ohm cabs), I often use an Acoustic Image Clarus-Series III (and occasionally an ART preamp for some tube warmth). The 280 watts for which the Clarus is rated at 8 ohms is more than adequate (loud classic rock, blues, old school soul/R&B, some jazz and country) unless I'm in a pretty large club with no FOH support--and in that case I take my Focus (1,000 watts @ 4 ohms) and both Berg cabs. I've even used the Clarus (400 watts @ 4 ohms) to drive both Berg cabs in an emergency when a power circuit failure prevented my rack separates from operating. I had enough power to be heard--without distortion or clippng and without FOH support--in a 2-story roadhouse with 200-300 rowdy patrons, two loud gui****s and a loud drummer.

    Based on a few years of experiences such as these, it's hard for me to imagine that the LMII won't do the trick for a single HT210. I prefer Acoustic Image because I think they sound as good as MarkBasses AND have a 2-0hm rating, but you may have encountered some sales people whose slow economy strategy is to "sell a speaker cabinet AND a new head".

    Note that Jim B made an older HT210 that was rated at 400 watts and a later model (upgraded speakers) rated at 500 watts. Check the backplate. Either model should should still be plenty loud and clean from 300 watts of honest power.

    JME and IMO, of course.

    Bluesy Soul :cool:
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    I find the 300w at 8ohms of the LMII is plenty loud. For awhile I was using one UL115 with my LMII and never really went beyond 10:00 on the master vol with the gain at 1:00. This is with a moderate volume roots rock & rockabilly 3 piece band. In comparison I tried to use the UL115 with the shuttle 6.0 and found I could definitely add an 8 ohm cab with that amp. With the LMII no second cab was required.

    My .02
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    If you drive the cab hard and it's 8 ohms you might hear the LMII clamp down on the low end. I've heard that once with an 8 ohm cab. Never experienced it with a 4 ohm cab or a pair of 8 ohm cabs.

    Take it to the cab and crank it up (if that's how you'll be using it). Then you'll know for yourself.
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    +1 to the post above take the head in and try it out

    what they may have meant is, You may not be able to see the full power of that cab with that head. I have a HT322 that I drive with a DB750 and have talked to/heard some guys with HT210 (using a db750)... these cabs can take and do like a lot of power. but seeing that your a local austinite from what chuck told me Yoggi (i don't know if you're familiar with yoggi but he's a badass and I would feel completely safe/comfortable copping his rig choice for bass) who was using the same rig as me db750+HT322 has recently switched to markbass and the new AE112s stack... for a little more you could pick up a AE112 which that cab did sound awesome while giving a test drive in the shop. I haven't seen live Yoggi in a bit but I'm definitely keeping an eye open for shows where he's playing to hear his new rig.
  6. +1 From my experience with my HT210s, the low SPL Berg early HT models like the HT210 in single 8 ohm use with the LMII at 300 watts is not optimal, and you are carrying around all the weight for very little reason. If you get some watts in it, the HT210 is a nice cab, but very wide, deep and polite in the mids. It's almost the definition of hi fi to me (similar in voicing to the HT322). If that's your thing, it's pretty killer.