SOLD Loaded 2014 Black Fender standard jazz bass body

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  1. cholyoke

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    Oct 1, 2016
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    Loaded 2014 Fender Standard (MIM) Jazz Bass body. This bass body was originally a fretless jazz bass I purchased. The neck is on another body and I have no need for this body. The electronics are stock Fender MIM pickups and pots. They worked perfectly before I removed the neck. Also included are the bridge, neck plate, pick guard and control plate.

    The body has some dings and scratches around the edges (pictured), but looks good overall. You can see lots of reflections in the paint. One image of the lower corner has the two largest dings and a long tan reflection of the wood table I was using during photographing the body.

    The body weighs 5.95 pounds as it is right now (loaded).

    Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or make offers via PM. DSC_1183.jpg DSC_1174.jpg DSC_1175.jpg DSC_1176.jpg DSC_1177.jpg DSC_1178.jpg DSC_1179.jpg DSC_1180.jpg DSC_1181.jpg DSC_1182.jpg
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  2. cholyoke

    cholyoke Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2016
    Rubber City
    Added a picture of it on the kitchen scale. The scale may be slightly off, but a five pound bag of flour weighed 4.85 pounds. Not exactly an ASTM standard for calibration, but close enough! Jazz bass body on scale.JPG
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