SOLD Loaded 2019 Fender American Jazz Neck beautiful rosewood board!

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    I have a nearly new 2019 Fender American Jazz neck with a really nice rosewood board
    The includes the Fender lightweight tuners with the tapered shafts (keeps string pressure on the nut better) and string tree.
    I will also include a Fender Corona, Ca. neck plate & screws
    The neck is like new other than one tiny dent in the tip of the headstock which was pretty tough to capture in a photo.

    $425 Paypal shipped to the lower 48

    Feel free to email me with any questions. I will respond quickly.

    146158F8-F801-42CA-A57D-7CDB3418D066.jpeg B4BBB698-2C95-4404-95E4-E2F461913F6D.jpeg 917B364D-7450-4171-A25B-1FD08597F213.jpeg 59D6E25C-5EBF-4ABF-A665-EEDBFC732645.jpeg 35382662-0CDF-494D-A694-2D1E7A517F1C.jpeg 20341916-00D4-4CF4-B8EA-E4D6A145C685.jpeg B837A0D4-2A14-48CC-ACB8-07853F83B388.jpeg BFC43401-85ED-482E-B0C6-595F057BE661.jpeg 499119BD-4664-45D6-BB66-62E67325E201.jpeg
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