SOLD Loaded 2020 Roscoe SKB3005 Mastergrade Koa Loaded Nordstrand Electronics

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    I'm offering up my Gorgeous Roscoe SKB that was built and received end of February 2020 at a huge discount over what this build would cost. The Koa top alone was $1000 upcharge. It has the new 5 knob Preamp with a Vintage TOne control like Sadowsky and a Active Passive option. Also the matching wood knobs was done by D-Cline designs out of scraps from top at a $200 upcharge. Total in all this build was around $5800. Will come with original metal and wood knobs plus a brand new Mono M80 case $229 upgrade. My basses are babied and kept in Immaculate condition and played in churches only.

    Weight 9.3 pounds
    spacing standard 18.3
    Pickups are Nordstrand DC’s -$150 upcharge
    Preamp is Nordstrand 3 band with Vintage Tone Control and Active Passive option—$75 upcharge
    Wood Knobs from D-Cline $200 upgrade
    Mono M80 Brand new—$50 upcharge
    Maple Wenge Maple neck
    Diamondwood Nut
    Matching Headstock
    Upgrade Katalox with Sapwood (Mexican Ebony) Fretboard $175 upgrade
    Black and Gold Hardware $75 upgrade
    Mastergrade Koa Top $1000 upgrade
    Selected lightest Ash body he had
    Full Gloss finish
    F03B6155-6D9F-43A5-8F44-3F2F5B74EE5A.jpeg 62EC1AD7-99E8-4F15-A298-81F9F2D948D4.jpeg 44337F8D-38A6-4063-B9CB-36C64EC97D76.jpeg A1F08A8C-6F33-4D93-A3D5-A568138F8F77.jpeg F84021C8-3DBC-4832-96EC-B7F0B79CAEAD.jpeg 4C20A884-27C7-4EE4-81E0-2F3C3EC21FC5.jpeg 47AEC17D-5F27-4681-877F-6B44A2714B86.jpeg 37D13591-0CD8-4094-AF4A-0FBBE8F3555C.jpeg 5566991F-4308-40BD-A2F7-3F52E3DB0EC2.jpeg FD8C75E9-EFFE-414F-B6E8-9F2C40C2CB7E.jpeg 2322101E-CB43-4DD8-9C7B-05F04B1F8801.jpeg 5F27D50F-8881-40FB-8FBF-94D94D4BE72A.jpeg 033C73A8-DABA-479C-BA01-D12CFF5D38D2.jpeg
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    PM sent
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    Wow what a beauty! GLWTS
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    35 or 34?
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    Jun 20, 2013
    35. it plays easier than any 34 I’ve had though.
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    That Koa top is stunning! Can’t believe you’re letting this one go. And at a great price too. Someone is going to be very happy with this purchase! GLWTS
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    That's an incredible looking bass
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    Sep 27, 2011
    That’s so beautiful you now owe us sound clips.
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    Sep 27, 2011
    Thank you.
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    Jun 20, 2013
    v8viahuuupiuvhhwrk2h.jpg vq3az9zodwinrbxm4gos.jpg xbyphnsb7uzda9xp8g5d.jpg zbxl7bpdsjp1nr40q91w.jpg K1 - Copy.jpg K2 - Copy.jpg K4 - Copy.jpg K5.jpg
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    Apr 5, 2018
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    what does the back and neck look like? any pics?
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    IMG_4453.jpg kb13.jpg kb14.jpg
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    Man that top is gorgeous. It's like water flowing over brown stone.
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    Holy smokes, I have seen pretty Roscoes but this is an all timer!
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    Jun 20, 2013
    Takes $3600 local meet or $3700 shipped FedEx insured.