SOLD Loaded Daphne Blue Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz bass body

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    Below are pictures of a loaded 2019 Daphne Blue Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz bass body. I purchased the bass new and put a fretless neck on it (because Jaco). It weighs 6 lbs 8 oz. loaded, which translates to a mid-8 pound bass. The wood is poplar according to Squier's website. It comes with the pearloid pickguard and the original tort pickguard. There is a small (~3/4") scratch on the back, which is shown in the pictures. I did not see any other marks on the body, but I am sure there are little scratches that are beyond my glasses. The plastic is still on the pickups and plates.

    Comes with pickguards, neck plate, neck screws, pickguard screws, pickups, bridge, strap pins, control plate, pots/knobs, some know, a loaded body. Everything but the neck and tuners. The pickup cavity is shielded with paint from the factory. The neck I put on it before was a fender jazz bass neck, i.e. it has a standard Fender size four-string bass neck pocket.

    I would like $220 shipped in the continental USA. Please do not hesitate to ask questions via PM.

    If you want to enlarge the images, click on the thumbnails and a new window will appear. If you right click on that image and select open image in new tab/window then the image will appear in a new tab and you can blow that image up to the enormous size to try to see the atom-scale features.

    DSC_2493 (2).JPG DSC_2494.JPG DSC_2495.JPG DSC_2496.JPG DSC_2497.JPG DSC_2498.JPG DSC_2500.JPG DSC_2501.JPG DSC_2502.JPG DSC_2503.JPG DSC_2510.JPG

    If you want to buy the neck from this bass, it is listed for sale here.
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