No longer available Loaded MJT Fiesta Red Precision Body with Tort, Novak BS-DS Pickup, NOS finish

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    Mar 25, 2013
    United States
    Hey all, I was selling just the pickguard - but let's make it easier.

    Loaded body - no neck plate screws included. This is a light weight body - don't have an exact weight - added the BS-DS pickup, custom guard, Bayou Guitars harness to it as well. It's a pull pot for the other Novak voicing.

    This was a NOS order MJT - but it's starting to get some Nitro fun.

    I was curious for ever and finally tried it. I love it but I don't need it all the time unfortunately. If I was doing Wilco/Tom Petty stuff on the regular it would be awesome!

    This one was routed for a Precision pickup before but the work was done professional by the shop that put it in.

    There is a little fun on the edges of the body on the treble side where it meets the body during the install.

    Zelle or Paypal - insured shipping in the lower 48 USA. PXL_20211231_202141832.jpg PXL_20211231_195918040.MP.jpg PXL_20211231_195906218.jpg PXL_20211231_195855408.jpg PXL_20211231_202141832.jpg PXL_20211231_195918040.MP.jpg PXL_20211231_195906218.jpg PXL_20211231_195855408.jpg PXL_20211231_202204711.jpeg PXL_20211231_202155690.jpg PXL_20211231_202141832.jpg PXL_20211231_202204711.jpeg PXL_20211231_195929402.NIGHT.jpg PXL_20211231_202204711.jpeg PXL_20211231_202155690.jpg PXL_20211231_202141832.jpg
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