SOLD Loaded MJT Heavy Relic Allparts Neck Rosewood Vintage Tint

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    By far the best MJT Allparts neck I have ever owned/played. Original owner. I ordered this neck in from Mark in 2019 and got it mid 2020. This one has vintage looking dots that I believed he aged to look like clay dots. Don't know if he changed the process since then or not, but the last couple MJT necks I have had didn't have the aged markers.

    Sold the bass that it was first on on hear a couple years ago, then bought the neck back from the buyer to put on another MJT body. Sold that bass intact and then bought it back again. The neck keeps coming back to me, so maybe somewhere down the road I'll own it a forth time lol!

    Neck looks incredible and has that vintage vibe. Beautiful vintage nitro tint with some incredible relic work! Three of the tuners (A-G) are either Schaller or Gotoh. Can't remember what he puts on them standard. They were relic'd by Mark, and I added the Hipshot D-Tuner (Xtender) later. Lost the original E string tuner that was relic'd. Has a 1.625 nut that is the perfect "tweener" between J and P width that was professional slotted and installed at Corner Music Nashville (Jeff). Has an aged string tree as well. Neck is fast. Truss turns perfectly and frets are perfect as well since it has always had flats on it. Will also throw in a neck plate.

    Price includes shipping, ConUS only. Payment via paypal F&F or Venmo.

    IMG-0255.jpg IMG-0259.jpg IMG-0256.jpg IMG-0257.jpg IMG-0258.jpg IMG-0260.jpg IMG-0261.jpg IMG-0262.jpg IMG-0263.jpg IMG-0264.jpg IMG-6472.jpg
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