Loaded Peavey P bass body, tubes, strap locks, bridge

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  1. Busker


    Jan 22, 2007
    Peavey body no longer available (I can't edit the title for some reason)

    SOLD! Heavy duty high mass black finished bridge. Came off of a Dean, but usable on just about anything you want. Its in good shape with a still nice finish (that is glare in the photo making it look less black). $12.00 shipped CONUS


    SOLD! Jim Dunlop Original Strap Locks, silver, or chrome-colored. Complete, good used condition, all parts present, including C-clips and mounting screws. $11.00 shipped CONUS


    Vintage 5U4 rectifier tubes. These are used, but look great. I'm pretty sure they are fine. The one on the left is a GE 5U4GB, probably 1960's vintage, the one on the right is a National Union JAN (Joint Army Navy) 5U4G (VT-244 military designation), probably late 1940's/early 50's vintage. $10.00 shipped CONUS for the pair.

  2. Pm on bridge
  3. Busker


    Jan 22, 2007
    Bump. Still have the tubes and strap locks.
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