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    Unique body I received in a trade. This is a DIY paint splatter finish over black with a matching commercial pickguard which matches perfectly. It has a Dimarzio Model P pickup, with volume and tone controls, as well as a series/parallel switch. It has a standard Fender neck pocket (When I received this bass it had a Fender neck installed on it which fit the pocket nicely), although I am not certain that two of the neck holes line up 100%. It also has a high mass bridge. Side mounted output jack. Although up close it is clearly a DIY effort, it is amazing in its own right, and will look awesome on stage. Neck plate and screws, as well as 4 new matching neon strings are included. Just add a neck and you will be the only kid on the block with one of these. It weighs 5 pounds 11 ounces. I do not know what species of wood this is. Free shipping in CONUS. PM your email address and I will send a PayPal payment request. Check out my stellar TB feedback!
    8CA4B8C7-8942-4E1D-B138-907BA8328D61.jpeg 513FD144-0F8D-4886-8CA8-100EC72792A2.jpeg 5046B26B-EC86-431B-8DC1-3CF207D03AE6.jpeg
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