No longer available Loaded Squier 2010 Classic Vibe Jazz Bass Body Olympic White

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Bass is in excellent physical condition no dings, dents, or markings of any kind! This has been babied for many years!!! Truss rod turns as I just got this bass setup and still has the plastic cover on the pick guard!!

    The body material is made out of Basswood.

    Weighs about 6lbs 8oz loaded.

    Just a reminder that this listing is for the loaded body only!!

    Price is FIRM
    Buyer pays half of shipping ($25 conUSA)

    49D641C1-C8A8-4E9B-8B4F-C3F0888621FB.jpeg FA59FCE8-D796-4E45-81EF-2F2DE4CEE15A.jpeg 7D4FDA0B-1675-4E22-BE6A-F8928B7948E7.jpeg C414FD73-6978-4104-9097-35AE7B9CD235.jpeg
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