SOLD Loaded Squier Jazz Bass Body

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    Loaded Squier Affinity Jazz Bass Body. Roadworn 60s Jazz Reissue pickups (at least that’s what they were advertised from reputable eBayer when I bought them for a project). They sounded great to my ears. Gotoh 201b high mass bridge. Does not include neck mounting plate and screws. Chip by lower bout neck pocket and some finish discoloration by the bridge pickup route. Otherwise very clean. WD Music Pickguard previous owner cut slot for truss rod adjustment. $200 OBO shipped contiguous US only. No overseas shipping. PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
    55620732-3C3A-4B03-B15C-07244C7D8F04.jpeg 8035699F-66E4-45EC-ADAE-0C4740E165F4.jpeg 73AC0810-646E-44D3-A087-9B6F00985183.jpeg 9FFAA5F5-1AEA-49AE-B0B9-D1C885CB3395.jpeg E8C91B09-AC9C-4315-9D57-8A858105C0E8.jpeg 4DC3950C-D2DC-49D6-B242-C204F26B5BD7.jpeg 09668F85-8D0F-42CC-A5C6-18B66E827B7E.jpeg
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