Loaded Squier Neck For Sale

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  1. I got this neck a while back for a project that never came to be. I believe it is a Squier P neck but the logo had been removed. Also it originally had the smaller open style tuners but the previous owner had drilled out the tuner holes for larger tuners. I used the term "drilled" loosely as it looked like they were hacked out by a 12 year old!:) I did my best to reshape the tuner holes and installed standard size tuners. If you look very closely there is a small space visible at the top of the E string tuner hole, but it is barely noticeable. I also gave the headstock and back of the entire neck several coats of Tru-Oil and applied a custom decal to the headstock. The decal is on top of the finish so it can be easily removed if you don't want it. The neck is in good condition overall with a small nick at the top of the headstock on the back side and a small nick in the fretboard above the 11th fret. Nut width is 1.65". Tuners and string retainer included. $55 shipped in the US.






    Oh one more thing. To get the larger tuners to better fit the headstock I installed them in reverse. You turn them clockwise to tune instead of counter-clockwise.
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    Interested... How are the trussrod, relief and frets?
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    I like your reverse solution on the tuners!
  4. Truss rod works normally. Plenty of room to turn both directions. Neck is straight. The frets are a bit smaller in height than some others I have seen but they are in good shape with not much wear.
  5. Bump with price drop.
  6. I would also consider trading for a four string set of chrome tuners such as Hipshot, Gotoh, etc. for 11/16" opening.
  7. payment sent.
  8. SOLD!