No longer available Loaded Warmoth 5 string Z body, roasted swamp ash, Delano pickups and preamp

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    Warmoth Roasted Swamp Ash Z5 body, Schaller roller bridge, Delano pickups and preamp. Fully loaded with knobs (Tintul/Tamarind wood), strapbuttons, bridge, and neckplate and screws. The bass has a contoured heel so it uses odd-sized bolts. Regular length bolts will pierce a neck through the fretboard. Strings and neck not included. Finished with Osmo Polyx-oil 3054.
    What it is NOT...
    The pickups are Delano SBC HE/S-E, 5 string EMG40 Dual Coil humbucker. This is NOT the quad-coil with splitting options.
    The preamp is the Sonar. It is 2-band, bass and treble. It is NOT a Sonar Xpure, NOT with a mid control.
    BUT The preamp, which sits in copper shielding as recommended, does have a push-pull volume knob for passive control and it does have the treble knob that works as a rolloff with a .033 capacitor.
    One problem it has is that the body unloaded was 3 pounds, 3 ounces. With the "bend" pivot point in the lower body it sits in somewhat of a nicely balanced way, and with the long upper horn, neck dive is reduced. It had an all-rosewood neck/ziricote fretboard, so that was a heavy-ish neck. But... buyer beware: It is a lightweight body
    $670 shipped CONUS
    body front.jpg body back.jpg body hardware.jpg knobs.jpg
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