Loads of Velcro, and a Boss FS-5U

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  1. Tecx

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    Jun 9, 2002
    Halifax, NS, Canada
    Up for the gettin' here I have:

    25 sheets of new 3.75"x0.75" Loop Side Velcro (2 peices per sheet), so thats over 160' of velcro. Brand new, never been used. Still on their original plastic sheets. http://www.velcro.com/CONSUMER/products_sb.htm

    I will include another 5' roll of Loop for free: $30usd (all together they are worth over 60usd)

    Boss FS-5U new in the box, boss unlatching footswitch - perfect for a deep impact or any other product needed a unlatching footswitch: $30usd

    Shipping will be very cheep.