SOLD *Local Chicago* FENDER BRONCO 40 Modeling Amp EC+

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  1. Jamarvic


    Aug 5, 2009
    Happy New Year TB! Sale price is $160.00 SOLD LOCALLY
    I have here a cool modeling amp. There are 3 banks of programmable amps and FX. You can tweak onboard or via the software on a computer for deep editing!
    I used this as a home practice amp and in studio for tracking via the XLR and a couple of gigs with PA support with no problems. I took very good care of it and it's in excellent condition, no rips, tears or dents in the speaker grille.
    Not looking to ship so Chicago and NW Indiana area preferred.

    Trade wise I'm looking for:
    4 string Jazz or P-bass style basses.
    10 or 12 inch speaker cab Bronco1.JPG

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  2. Jamarvic


    Aug 5, 2009
    Lil bump