loft-stored rickenbacker 4003

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  1. Cafsbrokenbass


    Feb 16, 2014
    Okay... so this weekend I finally brought down my 4003 from loft storage, something I'd been meaning to do for ages, knowing that it probably wasn't the best place to leave such a well crafted piece of equipment, and what I found was not good.

    I will first explain the reasons for this possibly stupid act before asking advice.

    Approx september 2010 I used the bass in anger for the last time. Our band did a gig, after which I parted company with the guitarist after a fractious few months of in-fighting, but I had more important things on my mind, that being the birth of our child four weeks later.

    Anyone in the same position knows the house becomes a different place altogether and at some point we have had a massive clearout of junk and I think, although can't be sure, that the bass, in its original ric travel case, got shipped up to the loft 'for the time being'. I have a feeling this was late 2012. Then I forgot all about it!

    So I've brought it down and the paintwork is cracked on the upper part of the body - the upper part of the body also seems to be loose near the headstock... However, having tuned up the strings it still 'seems' to play okay, although I've only played it acoustically so far.

    Is this a lost cause? Is my bass beyond repair? I'm absolutely gutted and moreover disappointed with myself for not getting it out of there sooner.

  2. Pilgrim

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    If you can't evaluate it yourself, take it to a pro. We can't answer your question other than to say it's not beyond saving....because a good pro can do almost anything to a bass.
  3. Cafsbrokenbass


    Feb 16, 2014
    nice one. I worked at a place recently where a guy restores guitars in his spare time, might get in touch with him first. Going to let the guitar re-aclimatise to normal house conditions for a while first, just to see how it behaves, but your words are very encouraging, thanks for replying!