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lokking for the name of a weird small bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by whitehouse, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I once played this very small , almost plastic bass,
    with realy gummy strings. Does anyone perhaps knows the brand of this bass?
  2. T'CharleS


    Jul 6, 2008
    Hmmm I really don't know. The closest to this description would be a danelectro longhorn with nylon tapewounds... but I doubt it's that.
  3. DickyT


    Sep 23, 2008
    Hollyweird, FL

    a good friend of mine has one.
  4. ezstep


    Nov 25, 2004
    north Louisiana
    The Ashbory has RUBBER strings. That might be the one.
  5. Rickett Customs

    Rickett Customs

    Jul 30, 2007
    Southern Maryland
    Luthier: Rickett Customs...........www.rickettcustomguitars.com
    I remember when these first came out.
    That would be an Ashbory, origionally put out by Guild, now put out by DeArmond which is owned by Fender. Rubber strings and all.

    Quick bit:
  6. T'CharleS


    Jul 6, 2008
    Oh right, Ashbory, my bad

    ... what? Fender does them now??
  7. Fender bought Guild 10 years ago.
  8. JTE

    JTE Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    Central Illinois, USA
    Actuallly FMIC bought Guild at the end of 1995 with the sale being effective 01/01/1996.

    Guild first marketed them in the mid- to late- eighties, and discontinued them pretty quickly. FMIC added it to the Korean DeArmond line they developed for a brief period around 2000 or so. Weird instrument with a limited market, so I don't know if they're still available from FMIC.

    I know the first batch of DeArmond ones had some real problems with the silicone strings (not rubber), and they were notorious for coming apart. Mine went through three sets before I got the re-formulated set which has lasted for about five years now. The DeArmond ones use better tuning machines than the Guilds, as the Guilds had a banjo style friction machine. Other than that they seem pretty comprable.

  9. no1likesme


    Dec 26, 2006
    Shepherd, MI

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