Lollapalooza Music Festival Cancelled Due To Covid-19

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    Lollapalooza Music Festival Cancelled Due To Covid-19 — Chicago’s largest music festival — typically draws 100,000 people to Grant Park for each of its four days, and it was said to be the highest revenue-generating event for the Chicago Park District last year. Festival promoter C3 Presents had not announced a lineup for the July 30-Aug. 2 event, and tickets were not for sale. More than 170 acts typically play Lollapalooza each year.

    “The reality is, bringing 100,000 people en masse, in close quarters, which is what the daily head count is every single day at Lollapalooza, bringing that many people from all over the country, downtown, in Grant Park, every single day, we might as well just light ourselves on fire. It makes no sense,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at a news conference Tuesday.

    Lightfoot said a later date for Lollapalooza was considered “and that was part of the discussion and why we delayed for so long, but it became clear that that later date probably wasn’t going to get us out of the woods, far enough away from where we are in the cycle of COVID-19 here in Chicago. So we look forward to welcoming them back next year.”
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    Good decision, dates can be replaced but people can’t. Good on them for taking the decision early and also for not fudging by putting things off, saying “maybe we could do it later?”
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    They did the right thing.
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    Coachella and Stagecoach, held in Indio, CA(part of the Palm Springs anchored sprawl of the Coachella Valley)had been pushed back to fall from their original spring dates, but now are both canned for 2020.