SOLD Lollar Precision Split-Coil Pickups - Standard Wind

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    Jan 24, 2016
    BC4B2499-7CD8-4AE2-B885-367481DABFD1.jpeg C1E71758-7F6E-486E-BA1B-5A77ABED5F2F.jpeg DAB32BDB-7EB0-45F6-BC04-36E6F9B5315D.jpeg For Sale Only - Lollar Precision Split-Coil Pickups (standard wind). $95.00 shipped CONUS and PayPal only please. I bought these pups new last August and they have been in my bass the entire time until the beginning of February. They have never been soldered and therefore have full leads. The pickup covers are lightly scuffed and have a slight impression on the black lead side (see pic). Thanks for looking!
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