Long Effects chain into tube amp / hybrid amp

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  1. matzingerz


    Dec 26, 2018
    Hey people,
    i searched for this topic but did not find anything that covers exactly this, so after a long time of being a reader im a member now and got to ask you something!

    So im thinking of getting myself an Ampeg SVT CL, but its pretty heavy and more expensive than an Orange Terror Bass. I really like the Sound of Al Cisneros and Mika Hakki (Monolord). They both use effects like some overdrives and even fuzzes, but ofc i dont know their exact pedal arrangement, even though their pedals are kind of listed on equipboard.
    Now my question is, because i cant try them both out with my whole gear before i buy them (i will buy used ones, hence im a student and suffer from lack of money for gear).
    Is it woth getting the Ampeg for the sound of only Tube, or will the power of the Terror Bass be enough for the type of tone i get, because its altered so much due to my effects, that i dont need that extra tube power amp.
    And might the tubes wear out faster because of my heavy tones?

    My gear is: ehx black finger compressor into
    TB 2 loops
    i/o loop 1 TB megalith + TB woolly mammoth into
    i/o loop 2 BB OC-2 into LS-2 A+B feature
    loop 1 Whammy V into Behringer bod400
    loop 2 clean /or with OC-2 active (and/or the fuzzes from loop 1)
    and the TB loops into TB ehx Bad Stone
    into the Amp (atm Peavey 300 combo 15", sounds cool but way too quiet)

    now with this much of altering the signal, is it worth getting an tube amp, or shall i just go with one that is good enough and loud enough to deal with my band and smaller gigs?
    EDIT: And is there any unpleasant clipping in an solid state power amp if i have a strong fuzzy signal, that wont be there in an tube power amp?
    i dont know if my peavy has such because i have nothing to compare still

    for reference:
    Black Loop the TB = True Bypass looper

    if you have any questions feel free to ask

    i hope i explained everything properly
    and thanks for reading in advance

    merry christmas everyone
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  2. cataract

    cataract Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    Birmingham AL
    Your amp is just going to amplify any signal you throw into it. Depending on the the tone you’re going for, you may or may not favor tubes over solid state amplification.

    I had an SVT CL for a very long while without a pedalboard at all- if you’re planning on hauling a ton of gear around, maybe the lighter amplifier option would be the way to go.
  3. matzingerz


    Dec 26, 2018
    i edited this into my question after i read your response:And is there any unpleasant clipping in an solid state power amp if i have a strong fuzzy signal, that wont be there in an tube power amp? and does the compressor in front of my effects chain maybe have an impact on my current sound not clipping "unpleasant" in the solid state amp?

    as far is i understand, tube amps just handle overdriven signals, such as fuzz pedals produce, much better because of the tubes itself, but if the preamp of the terror bass (which is tubes) handle the fuzz sound, and the power amp just adjusts the volume itself without altering the sound itself, i should be where i want it to be right? dont really need that "tube sound" just want my signal not the be cut off at some point in the audio wave.

    i hope i dont confuse anyone
  4. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    Neither, one is not better nor worse than the other, they are just different.
    You can get a perfectly good fuzz out of a solid state rig. There are plenty of SS amps that not only handle outboard dirt very well but also have very good overdriven voicings of their own.

    If you are having clipping issues then you need to examine the gain structure across your pedalboard and the level on your amp especially in conjunction with the amount of headroom available.

    If you are using all the same equipment in the chain other than the amp you will still have to dial in your FX to the rig. However, sometimes you may not be able to get a particular pedal to sound "quite right" across different amps. This is the case with many FX pedals but seems to be particularly true with OD/Distortion/Fuzz.