long or short scale for piccolo

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  1. Hi TBers,

    I searched through a bunch of threads about piccolo basses and noticed that most folks are using short scale instruments. I understand the issues WRT string tension, gauges, breakage, wound vs plain, availability of strings etc. These issues would be somewhat minimized for me since I am planning to use only four strings tuned E-G. I also noticed a few people stating that they were going back to longer scales for piccolo but not stating too many specifics as to why.

    So my question is do I set up a long scale instrument, a short scale or something in between for piccolo? Please let me know why you favor one over the other. If I were to use a short or in between scale, I may have to trade or sell something to get one because my Longhorn is staying a standard bass. Also, would I be crazy to try to use my p-bass as a piccolo?

    For the purpose of this discussion short = 30" and long = 34" - I have had longer 35 & 36" instruments but thats not for this discussion.

    Thanks for any input you can give,
  2. Did I totally ruin my credibility with this post? It was probably the P-Bass idea, right? :crying: Wouldn't surprise me at all. I am pretty dense, especially during weeks when I don't sleep.

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    I've used 34" scale basses with piccolo strings without any problem, and I currently have a 31" scale bass set up as a piccolo (or, at least I will when I get home and open the box).

    Setting your PBass up as a piccolo won't be a problem. Give it a shot. Worst case scenario is that you'll want to change it back.
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    I had a 34" set up as a picc for a while. If I did it again I think I'd try a short (30") scale. I have no reason, I'd just try something different the next time is all.
  5. Ummm... i've got a stupid question. Is piccolo bass tuned in different way? Or how's it look like? Cause i have plan ;}, for piccolo bas being my second pro bass (also with Kahler bridge), and i would like to know something more.
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    I used to have a 34 inch scale piccolo.

    Some tune like the bottom 4 E-A-D-G. Thats with the GHS string set, which has a wire, unwound G. I didn't like that, too much volume variation on the bass I was using.

    I always liked Foley from Miles band (which was my inspiration), he tuned a whole step down from the above E tuning D-G-C-F, with a wound F.

    You can pretty much do what you want, as long as you can find the strings.