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Long story but, Some love for my Avatar NEO 2X10

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by gil_mor, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. gil_mor


    Apr 24, 2006
    Sedona, Az
    Well, I've been playing through The Avatar Neo 2x10 for a few months now, but Yesterday's gig was so incredible I just had to share.

    It started out as an out-of-the-blue gig, as in "Would you play here, tonight?".
    Then , it turned out that the guy who was supposed to bring the P.A - wouldn't. Great, this is gonna be fun:eyebrow:

    The guy who hired us, told me "Just jazz it up, have fun..."
    You know how it is, some gigs are professional and some aren't...

    Well, we did have one Mackie monitor, and I always bring my Shuttle as backup, so... we "had fun...":hyper:

    We used the Mackie as a P.A and the Shuttle+GS112 as a side-feel.
    Worked surprisingly well, for 2 mics and a keyboard - considering the fact we didn't have a P.A...

    This is where it gets interesting...

    Usually when I play there, I'm using my GK1001 II + Avatar 2X10 + GS112.
    This time, I just had the Avatar.

    Other then the contour and presence I useally set everything to noon (Active switch and 5 string on).

    Well, I've noticed that the GS112 gives me the real fat, deep, bottom end, while the Avatar takes care of the everything else great punchy mids, enough treble, as 2X10 should sound like, right?
    So I've figured I'll be a little on the bass shy side, but could still punch through the mix with only the Avatar.

    Boy was I wrong.

    True, I did lose some bottom end, but, Simple EQing fixed that.
    The volume was there, the punchiness was there, and it sounded GOOD...
    No headroom problems at all, the Avatar could take it, and then some.

    Now came the real challenge - How will it sound while using my Green House Effect "Low Kick"?
    Its a hand made pedal based on SVT preamp with a BigMuff tone stack (Hugh bass).

    The Low Kick is one of my favorite pedals, I use it to get some drive with tons of bass that really shakes the room. Really useful for blues and motown.

    In fact, I once had a guitar player stand in front of my rig while using the pedal and he told me it was very "moving" if you know what I mean...

    So, will the Avatar handle it?

    As soon as I kicked it in, the whole room was filled with low end bliss. I just couldn't believe it. Sure, the two cabs can give me more volume, but... It was more then enough (I had to turn down).
    It was fun.

    We finished the gig (that was a succses, in spite the "No P.A situation") with my master volume on 11.
    I was loud enough, with no "headroom isues" at all.
    Wow, ladies and gentleman, we have a stand-alone!
    Thank you dave!
  2. Adam Bomb

    Adam Bomb

    Mar 26, 2008
    Bezerkely, CA

    --Bomb :bassist:

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