Lookin' for a new Pre-amp!

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  1. Im in the midst of upgrading my main axe, an Ibanez SR5000 (very similar to a SR3000e) and would like to know what some good preamps are that would fit... it has 4 holes for pots, with a master volume, balance, a stacked treble/bass and a stacked mid/variable mid frequency. Its 9 volt powered, and i really like the configuration and dont want to have to drill any holes. I just dont think the current sound is the greatest. Are there any good sounding setups out there (such as Aguilar or Nathan East) that are 9 volt and will fit? A pull-up knob for active/passive would be nice too.

    Its got a set of PJ pickups that ill upgrade to either barts or EMGs later (havent decided that yet either :meh: ) but right now i just want to find a fitting, variable mid pre.

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    Easy. Go to http://www.sadowsky.com
    Click on preamp. It will explain everything. You can install it yourself and your worries are over