Lookin for the style of these guys!

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  1. ok i love these guys, this is the only song i can find by them, and i'm not even sure what genre they'd be, i want more music like this,

    the band is called Supple and the song is a cover of "stayin alive"

    please take a listen and tell me if you know anything!!! i love these guys!!!!

  2. rickbass

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    Do a search in the "Listen to Music" at http://www.farmclub.com .
    I tape that awful show out of morbid curiosity when I'm playing on Sat. nights and Supple was on one. They'll be there.
  3. that site blows i cant find anything there, where would i find it??
  4. rickbass

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    It's not real hard. You click on "Listen to Music", do a search for 'supple", click on either song or the band's name and they give you a couple tracks to listen to and some info. about the band. I don't think these guys even have a CD out yet.
  5. thank you muchly, now i'm pissed at it cause its telling me that my postal code isnt real,............. bastards

  6. Boplicity

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    I went to Farmclub.com too and finally figured out to try music to listen to, but it took so long to download the list, I gave up. Maybe I'll try it agin later. I just don't have much patience with sites that take forever to download, though.

    jason oldsted
  7. rickbass

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    Maybe it was just traffic on the lines. I don't think this HP Pavilion piece of crap I suckered into last fall would be the reason I get their downloads reasonably fast, (15-30 seconds). Broadband won't hit we among the masses too soon for me.