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Looking at a Used 2009 Am Std Jazz -- What to Look For?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by WretchedExcess, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. WretchedExcess


    Jul 29, 2013
    I've found a used Am Std Jazz in a local store. I'd like some help in determining if it's got the right parts on it.

    The neck bears a Z94 serial number, which looks like it's correct for a 2009. It has the correct tuners.
    The body is black, and has the through-body string ferrules.
    This makes me think that the neck and body are the originals for a 2009 Am Std Jazz and that nobody's exchanged these parts.

    What strikes me as odd is the accessories. It has the chrome pickup covers and bridge covers, but they don't seem to fit right. They're loose and they rattle, and the screws that mount them look wrong on the bass, and they're too long to screw all the way in. The action is typically high (but only a little high), but what is odd is that the strings buzz on the chromed pickup cover. I'm wondering if the pickup and bridge covers even belong on this bass. Did it come with them? Or are they likely to have come from something else?

    I'm wondering if the pickup covers were added to hide the electronics. Can anyone tell me which pickups are supposed to be in the 2009 Am Std Jazz, and how to identify them to make sure that the original parts haven't been swapped out?

  2. tjh

    tjh Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    '09 AmStands did not come with covers ... about the only way to get opinions beyond that would be to post detailed pictures ... the pups would have a model # on them, but you would need to pull to see .. and then open the control cavity to expose the pots and wiring ... probably not that likely to happen on a used bass hanging on a store wall .. what does the store owner say about the history of it, can/will he vouche for it?? ... this should have the high-mass vintage bridge on it (oxymoron if there ever was one), and the pups would pre-date the CS which are on the current models ... stock on black would have been a 3 layer W/B/W pickguard ...
  3. WretchedExcess


    Jul 29, 2013
    Thanks. The covers definitely looked out of place, like they were swapped onto the bass from something else. That has me worried that the pickguard/pups might have been swapped. I don't remember seeing the 3 layer pickguard, but I didn't specifically look for that. Will have to give it another look.

    Can anyone point me to threads that discuss:

    A) pickup identification, and

    B) the updates to the Am Standard series, and what changes were made in what years?

    I've tried searching but I'm not having much luck finding what I'm looking for.

  4. georgestrings

    georgestrings Banned

    Nov 5, 2005
    The only way to identify the pickups would be to pull them and look for the numbers 33753 and 33746 on them... The covers you described have been added...

    The one on the left is an '08 with an aftermarket PG:


    - georgestrings

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