Looking at a used Workingpro 15" Cab

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  1. I'm still looking for a not-crazy-heavy used standalone 1x15 cab for my Hartke LH500; saw an SWR Workingpro 1x15 cab on the GC website--a few of them actually. Anyone know what these weigh? Or what the wattage is? I'm hoping for 60 lbs or less (I am in my 60s). BTW, I have the Workingpro 12 combo for studio and small gig work and love it to death.
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    I don't think that "looking to buy" ads are allowed under the TB rules.
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    one day....
    I'm checking one out too, I found a modified one, it has a kappa 15a in it, so it's very heavy, not sure how much of the weight is magnet tho.

    Sounded killer with just 100 watts I couldn't turn up past 12:00! But again, this one's hacked. Getting it tomorrow.
  4. Just to clarify; I am not posting a "looking to buy" ad here. I just want a little practical information about a cab that is no longer in production and that I'm considering as a purchase.
  5. A little research tells me the SWR cab is 60 lbs. and rated at 200 watts; thinking that might be a little low for my LH500 (350/500). The search continues.