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looking for a combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by freeslicefattyj, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Well I hate to make a post that is so generalized, but I'm curious to see if anything sticks out in anyone's mind as far as a good choice. Looks like my band will be breaking up soon, so I have no need for my svt-3 and 810 anymore. In the fall I'll be moving to Chicago to go to school for music production. I'm looking to get a combo, preferrably a 210 or 112. I'd like something that will be able to give a very good sound, as I will probably be using it for home recording stuff, as well as personal practice. Doesn't have to be extremely loud as I don't think I'll be doing anything right out of the gate gigging wise. I'm pretty interested in the Eden stuff, but would prefer something that won't break the bank too horribly, though I'm a big fan of it. I play a Stingray and would like to have a really good sound all around. Thanks for any thoughts on a high quality combo.
  2. unity bass

    unity bass

    Dec 15, 2003
    Modesto, Ca.
    I hear they're not real loud but I think the SWR Super Redhead is supposed to be a really sweet sounding combo. I've never heard one. I see them go for about $700-$750 on the used market. Sorry if this is no help.

    Good luck in school,

  3. eots


    Dec 18, 2004
    Morris, IL.
    I've enjoyed my Carvin PB200-15 combo the last 8 years.
  4. AxtoOx


    Nov 12, 2005
    Duncan, Okla.
    I have an Eden Nemesis NC210, 250 watts Loud, sounds good, and It's the import line made strickly to Eden specs, so it's sturdy and doesn't cost so much. $750 on the web, Less @ Bass Central.
  5. First I have to worry about getting in to the school and then I have to get finances put together. Worrying about school will be a breath of fresh air. I've tried a nemesis 15 before, just didn't quite like the sound I was getting out of it. I've read pretty good reviews about the SWR Redhead as well, but I can't find any local shops that have them in stock so I can't try one out. I think it looks really cool and the specs look nice. I haven't tried a Carvin combo either, but I'll definitely check one out if I see one. Thanks a lot for the replies.
  6. todd 4ta

    todd 4ta

    Apr 3, 2003
    I found a Genz Benz GBE250C-112 combo. It's 250 watts with a 1x12. Not the most common amp, but I've been very happy with it. The EQ is very flexible, you can blend in the tube preamp as needed (like the other Genz Benz amps). I was lucky to find a used one in nice condition for less than $300. It's probably one of the few pieces of gear that I've kept over 2 years.

    The other 1x12 combo I like in that price range is the Ashdown Electric Blue, and the SWR Workingman 12 is readily available.

    Buy used to save some money.
  7. resol

    resol Guest

    Feb 21, 2005

    the nemesis range sound really good with active basses, particularly with stingrays
  8. Sako


    Nov 4, 2004
    Charlotte, NC
    I use a Fender 400 Pro. 2 10's and a horn, semiparametric EQ, lot's of tone shaping, builtin compressor, room balance, and a rack space that holds a Korg tuner (DT1000?). 350 watts at 4 ohm, add another cab to go to 500 watts @ 2 ohms.

    It has been great for me, but I'm thinking of going another route soon, so it will be up for sale.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Well I made it to an interstate music and was able to try out a bunch of stuff. I tried out the gallien krueger 210 and the SWR redhead as well as the workingman combos. I also got a chance to try the fender 400 and 250 210 combos. I was having trouble getting a good sound, but I was using a G&L ASAT so there as a lot of stuff to play with. I switchd it over to a Fender MIA Jazz Deluxe (I used to play one) and had a lot easier time getting some really good sounds. A lot of stuff seems really good but I found that I like 12" speakers a lot. I've always wanted to try a genzbenz but I've never seen one around before. Whatever I do I'll have to wait on it until the band breaks up so I can sell my rig and have some room to work with. Thanks a lot for all the responses, and I'll be sure to keep my eyes open and try as many things as possible til I find something.
  10. Daytona955i


    Feb 17, 2005
    Albany, NY

    My favorite combo by far, and if you get into a band you can throw a 1x15 under it and it kills.

    Very good for recording too.
  11. 7thbass


    Nov 21, 2003
    Houston, Tx
    If you like the ampeg amp, could buy a Dr. Bass cab with 2 or 3 space integrated rack. Will run you about 300 or so, but will have a combo and get to keep current amp.