Looking for a FL repairmen

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  1. Digital Deviant

    Digital Deviant

    Jul 18, 2002
    Miami FL
    I am never had work done in Miami FL and am seeking recommendations of people you know what they are doing. What I need done is not real basic. I currently have a four string BC Rich which I am constantly drop tuning and always avoid the high G. SO what I am looking into doing is to have my nut re cut to accomdate heavey set of strings for a 5 string bass but only using the lower 4 so have my bass tuned B-E-A-D. I also am looking into replacing my bridge and use body through design. So if anyone has any recommendations it would be great. Also this bass is a bolt on and the bolt is thick as hell, and am wondering if it would be wise to thin that down too. Any tips or information would be great.