Looking for a good 3 way PA Cab

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by jive1, Nov 9, 2004.

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    I'm looking to upgrade the PA cabs we have. Currently we have JBLs JRX115s, but I think a three way system would better suit the vocals and such while still retaining the nice bass response of a 15".

    Doing a search on the web I found a couple that will fit my price range. The Soundtech AST153 is a decent buy for around $225 each, but the Cerwin Vega PSX-153 look better for a little bit more (@ $300 ea).

    The EA stuff looks great, but they're pretty heavy as well as expensive. Other than that, I don't know who else makes 3-way PA cabs.

    If anyone has any ideas or advice, I'm all ears
  2. I use Peavey SP3G's for my main FOH cabs. They sound OK, but they are heavy. (The most recent version--the SP3X--is basically the same speaker but they've added a Speakon connection.) They weigh about 95 lbs per speaker. 15" Black widow, 8" (?) mid, and a horn. Handles 350 watts apiece, 8 ohms. F3 is around 50 hz IIRC. Cost is around $1000 a pair. These can be biamped.

    Note: do NOT confuse these with the early SP3, those were only 2 way cabs.

    I also listened to the JBL 935's. Actually I wish I had bought the 935's--they had more bass response...but they were about $400 more for the pair and cash was too tight. The JBL's were very good 3 ways, though they could not be biamped IIRC.
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    Decent 3 way cabs will cost you some bucks. The most affordable that sound decent are Peavey's or the JBL's.
  4. Go with the CV. Cerwin Vega has, IMHO, a great reputation for sound and quality. Just kinda hard to get a hold of.

    My concert hall just got a couple of JBL 3-ways, and they sound just fine. DEFINITE improvement over the EON powered 15s that they replaced.

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