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  1. I'm looking into getting a new bass and the problem is I live in Alaska so I don't have much oppritunity to hear many high end basses. I've noticed many of you members are great sources of information so this is what I'm looking for.

    Right now I own a custom Washburn..... birdseye maple top , rosewood middle layer and an ash back , maple neck and a pao ferro fretboard , it has 2 bartolini MM pickups , and a pre amp that allows you to boost several frequencies while cutting at 400 hz.

    I'm looking for a high end bass that will give me a tone thats going to differ from this one , but has alot of tonal variation. I'm considering either a Musicman stingray 5 String , a G&L 2500 or a warwick 5 string ( not sure at all which series and possibly a Fender U.S.A Delux P Bass. PLEASE !!! Any feedback , technical info as well as opinions will be greatly appreciated.

    Please take into consideration I live in alaska so even with agressive humidifying , the low humidity here is a beast so durability is definatly an issue....Thank you
  2. I apologize since I'm not here to give advice on your bass but shouldn't this be in the "Bass" section not the "Bassist" section. And by the way I would go for the Warwick since it sounds like you might already have the Stringray sound, AND it is also quiet different from the others, tone wise and cosmetic. PLUS it should hold up pretty good.
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    Sep 4, 2000
    yeah this should be in Basses not bassists
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    I would look at a Status bass ,astounding tone and sounds. Then second I would look at a modulus (spelling?). These are 2 basses that sound great and would have a very different sound from what you have now and both have graphite necks and can stand up to harsh environments.
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    Apr 14, 2001
    I agree that Warwicks have a distinct sound. However, I would recommend not having exposed wood for the reason you cited. You might look for a graphite neck too. I would use any excuse to get a Zon Sonus 5 string. Though mine would be fretless. It has beautiful wood but is protected by a glossy finish. The humidity won't impact the neck either.

    If you do go for exposed wood of a Warwick, get a Thumb Bolt-On pre '97 with the wenge neck. It is very durable. Also, get a supply of bass wax to keep it protected. I love the distinct sound. Not very "high-end" though.
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    I just got a Carvin LB75 that I really like. It has outstanding workmanship, great sound, and a really nice feel.

    I got it for $963 and in my opinion it is as good as most of the really expensive basses you can get in the stores. It has a very thick gloss finish that should protect it from the harsh weather conditions there in Alaska.

    Since I'm guessing whatever you get you are going to have to buy without getting to play first Carvin may be the best deal for you because they have a 10 day return policy. No questions asked.

    Check em out.
  7. ...lots of tonal variation"???

    There's a fairly new one, the SSS bass. The pickup moves automatically for tonal variety and it has a built in computer thingie that remembers the setting you like, so you can pre-program settings and make quick changes.


    [email protected] is the maker's address, (John Agepetus).

    www.members.aol.com/midnitrodo is the address where he describes it. He may be selling them instead of demoing them by now.