Looking for a phrase sampler/looper

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  1. Looking for a looper in a pedal form. Mostly will use it as a practise tool, maybe some solo stuff. Should be easy to use, I'm not much of a pedal guy. I've seen Boss makes a few.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    Scope out a Boss RC2 or the new RC3. The RC2 should be pretty easy to come by used at a reasonable price and is definitely an immensely helpful practice tool. There are more complicated ones (RC-20XL, Boomerang III) but if it's for home practice the smaller, cheaper ones are definitely the way to go.
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    ^ what that guy said
  4. Thanks!

    One question I have is the number of loops. It looks like the RC2 is only one. If that's true which one do you recommend? Also, I could have mentioned that in my original posting, sorry.
  5. Get a Digitech Jamman or the Boss RC-3. Able to store up to 99 separate loops and you can move them to and from your computer. They're also a little more capable in other areas as well.
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    RC-2 has 11(?) separate phrases that you can save to. In any one of them, you can keep laying down as many loops as you want. As Kwesi said, RC-3 has 99 phrases.
  7. Thanks guys! For some reason I did not notice the updates. (?)

    Great info. (as usual) :)