Looking for a possible Boss LMB-3 replacement

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    Yup, another compression thread.

    After going through a few comps (Boss CS-3 twice, EBS Multicomp, BBE monocle OptoStomp and DOD MilkBox), I’ve been using the Boss LMB-3 for a couple of years, on a slightly modified-from-the-manual slap settings : Level at unity, Enhance between minimum and 8 o’clock, Ratio noonish and Thshd 9 o’clock. These settings work perfectly for me whether I’m playing fingers, pick, slap or chords.

    Lately, I’ve been having issues with the pedal: it switches on and off and there is more noise coming from it (I’ve checked the other pedals and the cables). So either I send it for repairs or buy another. Getting pedals repaired in my area is always a PIA and it’s probably not worth it anyway.

    Thus, I now begin a trek in compression/limiting lalaland. I browsed through Bongo’s reviews focussing on limiters and in a nutshell, I prefer a pedal to a rack unit (so out goes the Alesis Micro Limiter), I don’t want to spend a fortune either (so no FEA Dual Band comp-limiter) and the Carl Martin comp-limiter is rated as a pedal with a dark tone, so not for me either. I read a few comp reviews, looking for something comparing them to the LMB-3, but dropped it after a while. There is always the option of going for another LMB-3, which would be fine, but this is probably a good time to explore options before settling down again.

    So here’s my question, not exclusively aimed at guys with LMB-3 experience, but I’m hoping a few will chime in: is there a pedal out there that could replicate what the LMB-3 is giving me ?
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    Isn't the LMB-3 just a limiter? I have not used mine in years, so my memory is foggy... I should really get rid of that thing...

    I use a Diamond Compressor these days and love it.
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    Maybe somebody has MS60B limiter settings that could work, I tried finding some, but didna work out.