Looking for a Singer around NW Iowa...

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  1. Well, here we go... my fellow band members and I have decided that its time for us to find a new singer. The guy we have isnt pulling his own weight as for as work and practice goes (he pretty much sucks too... i know some will say give him time, but we tried. Hes lost his chance already). So if theres anyone out there in our area around Sheldon, Sibley, Ashton or some of the lakes areas like Spirit Lake, Okoboji or Milford, nereby (about an hour stright shot North of Sioux City) or even from somewhere around Sioux Falls SD... PM me PLEASE...

    As far as sound goes, we're heavy yet melodic, we relate to the sound of bands silimar to the Deftones, Chevelle, some heavier Incubus, maybe a little Tool (but without odd meters). Would like just an all around good singer that can get aggressive when needed (while trying not to scream... we've had enough of our own singer screaming.:spit: ). Were all around 18 years of age so if youre around us anywhere close please dont be shy!!! :D Help out an original band in need!!!

  2. BUMP

    C'mon guys, theres gotta be somebody in our area! Any musicians in the area at all... not just singers, any players are welcome, even just to hang out and jam with...

  3. bbb84


    Jun 8, 2011
    hey ,name is Ben. i would like to give it a shot if you are still looking . i live in sioux falls . what kind of stuff do you guys play?
  4. Sorry man, disbanded this group about 5 years back, I posted this back in 2003... still good friends with all the guys in the group but no longer doing any music together. I actually live in Sioux Falls now, but with getting married and having kids in the meantime I haven't been able to do the band thing much, just playing for my church lately. I see stuff on craigslist all the time though, wish I could get back into it more!