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  1. Hey guys, I don't post here much but I've got a little hunt I'm doing and it's not coming up with much. I've done a search and read about a bunch of strings but nothing specific concerning my needs.

    I'm completing this fretless Fairlane custom - http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=196615 - and it's time for strings. My first choice is always D'Addario half rounds but this scale and bridge setup is too long and the D's aren't long enough.

    What I'm really looking for is an aggressive sounding BLACK COATED flat or halfround for this bass in an extra long scale. Would prefer to start at 45-105 for the gauge but slightly heavier would be OK. This is a very resonant instrument and I'm looking to really get her to moaning. The idea for the black coating was an afterthought between me and the client because, well, it would just look so cool on this bass. :cool:

    Any ideas?
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    You don't want much, do you? Halfrounds, in black, extra long scale! Best of luck with that one!! :D

    Hambone, I believe DR do the Black Beauties - you've probably heard of these. I don't know whether the scale would be long enough, though, or whether they'd be smooth enough for a fretless. Actually, I've always found rounds on a fretless to be fine, very little wear - depends on playing style as much as anything I believe. That said, I'm currently using Dean Markley Fretmasters on my fretless; roundwounds that are polished smoother over the fingerboard section of the string. Not in black, though...

    Anyway, a better alternative may be the Black Diamonds - these are nickel roundwounds that are said to have a pretty smooth feel.


    Again, you'd need to check with the manufacturer to find out if the scale is long enough.

    Let us know what you find.

    EDIT Just checked the link by the way - great looking bass!! Some lucky SOB's in for that one...
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    wow! nice lookin bass Hambone! I like the in body bridge.... IMO nothing sounds better than TI JF's on a chambered bass. Tornadobass has them on his Godin A4, they even sound great w/o the amp. I will be putting some on my recent semi hollow project soon....the Labella tapes aren't cuttin' it.
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    Total drool on that bass, man! (no,...don't drool ON the bass, well, maybe drooling is generally bad, especially in a compliment...now I'm speechless...) :smug:
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    Thanks Bluemonk!

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    Magic marker? Spray paint? Duct tape?