Looking for a used Yamaha 5 string TRBX?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bunnoodle, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Bunnoodle


    Nov 29, 2017
    Weird experience with Amazon. (I agree amazon is not a safe place to buy instruments)
    They listed a used TRBX 305 (a good deal) which i purchased ... a day before shipping they mysteriously cancelled the order. I got my money back though. Still on the lookout for a bass. The classifieds section has basses that are too expensive for a student!
  2. Bunnoodle


    Nov 29, 2017

    Yes, im looking for a TRBX 305 because the $150 difference does not really justify those alnico pickups. Both basses have the same construction. I plan to swap the preamp after a year or so, using the 5 way switch to blend the pickups and remaining for volume+3 band eQ. And they usually sell for ~ $250.
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  3. Sounds good! I literally can't find any 305's used, and I'm usually really good at finding deals. Keep on the lookout! Something could show up and be bought out the same day.
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  4. Bunnoodle


    Nov 29, 2017
    Not digging the red color, quite ugly. Pewter/White look elegant. Black is always welcome.

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