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Looking for advice on building a cab

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jaytee877, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I know there are already a few threads on here regarding cabinet construction and i'm making my way through anything that seems useful, but i just though i'd post and see if anyone can offer advice on my specific situation...

    I recently acquired a 300W Peavey Mark III Bass head, and i have a pair of 15" drivers, which i sadly can't really tell you anything about (they are a strange, old make - Custom sound "Truckers"!?.. dont ask!?) And i'm looking to build either a 2 x 15 enclosure, or a separate box for each.

    Now - and i know some may hate me for this - i'm (obviously!) not too fussed about getting the best quality sound, so theres not too much need for a finely tuned/calibrated box, which would be difficult anyway with these seemingly non-existant drivers.
    i'm playing for an experimental/noise rock band, i'm happy with the sound i'm getting at the moment but we became a 2-piece this year so the bass is now the 'frontman' in a way, so i simply need to be louder!? i use a lot of effects/distortion most of the time, so as long as i have a bit of low end punch and audible mids i'll be happy for now.

    When using one of these drivers in my current combo (an OHM GA125, which i pretty much re-built out of spare parts... i know, i know, i don't know where i find all this strange old gear but i just love it!?) i decided the drivers sounded best in a sealed enclosure - so i shouldn't have to worry about porting.

    I simply want some advice on cabinet size, materials, construction tips and basically anything i should be wary of when building, as my technical knowledge on this side of things is very basic. I think i'd be happier having the drivers in separate boxes so i don't have to lug the whole rig to small venues - but whatever is easiest and least likely to explode is good for me!?

    Any Advice will be welcome and most appreciated... apologies for the huge post!
  2. Hi.

    Welcome to TalkBass jaytee877.

    As a DIYholic, I can see what You're aiming at, but building cabs around unknown drivers will get You nowhere without extensive knowledge and test equipment. Unless You got a pallet-full of those drivers that is.

    There's got to be empty 15" shells up for grabs around where You live, I'd suggest that approach over any else. Those You can purchase and/or modify for peanuts.

    If You absolutely have to build, at least model the cab around some commercially available driver with published T/S specs, so You can later upgrade (or replace when blown ;)) the current drivers.

    As for the materials, plywood for normal builds, sandwich construction for the fancier ones. Steel hardware. IMHO anyway.

    Stay away from the chip-boards, particle boards and MDF, unless You're a weightlifting sort of a feller ;).

    My next build in a few weeks is going to be a cheap-skate 810 with bargain Celestions, road-case style 7mm plywood (heavy bracing of course), so stay tuned.

  3. MontanaBassDude


    Sep 20, 2011
    Here's a copious DIY thread that's dozens of pages long of questions and answers.
    Whether or not you care or not about the actual finished cab that this pertains to, it's a place to start reading, anyway.

    The finished cab, BTW, is the ultimate DIY cab ImHO.
  4. Hey, thanks to both of you for the tips, and the welcome...

    Thanks for the link MontanaBassDude; i gotta sign up to see the thread but i'll check it out shortly, sounds as though it will be most usefull

    T-Bird; i have had a look around, but there's nothing local i can find at the moment, unless i'm just looking in all the wrong places. I'm still going to keep an eye out, but the sooner i get this thing up and running the better, so if its going to take forever to find an empty shell or 2 then i'd like to try and build something - and i guess i do just really like the idea of having a custom made cab.
    However, by the sounds of it, this might almost definitely result in me blowing a driver or 2!?? in which case i might have to re-think as i definitely don't have the funds to be replacing several 15's right now.. plus the ones i've got - questionable as they may be, seem to be two of a kind, would be a shame to destroy them on a first build.
    I think i might do as you suggest and build a cab around some drivers i can find info on... and then see what comes first, me finishing it or me finding an empty cab for sale nearby i can try instead.. in which case the build can just become a project for the future and i can build something awesome! (i'll keep an eye on your next build for tips man)
  5. --Vissinger --

    --Vissinger --

    Jan 31, 2010
    If you do want to try something likely to produce a good result with your unknown drivers, you might get from a place like Parts Express, their driver testing device. It'll give you the parameters needed to apply even a simple design program to the box design process.

    Even if you find an empty box to put the drivers in, you can use the information to decide whether, and how to modify box to get a good result.
  6. I have a 15" driver inbound and plan to build the ubiquitous TL606 cab because it looks like the easiest one to make and many bass players love them. They have the Chef endorsement.

    I'm using a Eminence Delta Pro 15A because I found a new one for $75 including shipping.

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