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    I was looking through the archives and stumbled upon this gem. http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485549&page=2 which I thought was absolutely amazing. So I was wondering if you all knew of any recordings like this, just featuring bass and some other instrument, preferably jazz, but I'm open to anything. Actually any cool duets will do also, it doesn't have to involve bass either. I love things like this because it presents the players in a lot more intimate setting, and allows the bass to really shine as more than just a time keeper. So if you know of anything else, I would really appreciate it if you would help me out. Thanks!

    edit: I checked out Chris Fitzgerald's site and realized there were a few more duets. Awesome. Is there any way to download these?
  2. Toronto bassist Dave Young did 3 albums of piano-bass duets, changing pianists every 2-3 songs. The recorded double bass sound is wonderful.

    TwoByTwo: Piano-Bass Duets, Volume One - 1995 (Justin Time)
    TwoByTwo: Piano-Bass Duets, Volume Two - 1996 (Justin Time)
    SideBySide: Piano-Bass Duets, Volume Three - 1997 (Justin Time)
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    The "chops" album with NHOP and Joe Pass is pretty famous and Jimmy Bruno has a guitar/bass duo album also. Gary Peacock and Ralph Towner have a record that is just them playing on some tunes I think, it is pretty out though, Red Mitchell has some too.

    Also Ray Brown's "Some of my best friends are.." sessions have a lot of duos with different kind of players.
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    There's the "Music From Two Basses" recording by Dave Holland and Barre Phillips (1971) - a duet where both players are bassists. It's a little out there.

    Patitucci has a cool recording of "Giant Steps" on his "Now" CD that is just him (on electric) and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. Only one song, but very cool.

    And how about the legendary "Donna Lee" with Jaco (on electric, obviously) and Don Alias on congas? Speaking of which, here's a great site where Rick Suchow managed to overlay the Jaco track on top of the Miles version. If you were anything like I was, the first time you heard Jaco's version, it sounded like a bunch of random notes - this is a great way to hear what he was really doing against the changes that weren't being played).
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    Give a listen to the "Intuition" and "Montreux III" CDs with Bill Evans and Eddie Gomez.
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    I had to smile.

    There's a real distinction between "Ralph Towner" and "Robin Trower."

    I'd probably enjoy a duo record by Robin Trower & Gary Peacock but I think we'll have a long time to see it.
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    Chuck Sher publishes my book, WALKING BASSICS:The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing.
    Especially if Robin wants him to play "Happy Birthday"....
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    Hahahaha! Damn' I'm not with it at all today!