Looking for Fender headstock decal!!!

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  1. Finally I have dated my latest bass project. I have been refinishing an old pbass for some time now. I'm close to finishing it. I've had the neck of the bass dated as a 1960-61. And the body as a 1963. The previous owner sanded the whole bass down to the natural wood and the same time sanding off the head decal. This bass feels great and sounds great. Does anyone know where to get decals for this era of precision bass. I would like to finish this project off soon.I've had no luck with Fender directly so any info would be much appreciated. Thank You:help:
  2. Don't worry about it, lack of a historically accurate decal shouldn't degrade your tone too much. If you are really determined, you might have to settle for a newer one, if fender doesn't have one, you could spend years looking. good luck though!
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    You're gonna get flamed by smartasses and haters of decal replacement. Check your PMs. Hope it helps.:bassist: