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Looking for good noise gate

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by gnusw, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. Hello

    Looking for good noise gate...any suggestions???

  2. Rack or pedal?

    As far as rack gates go, try the MF catalog for starters. Often the gates are included with compressors and other processors. If it's a pure gate you need, then the Rocktron Hush is probably it.

    I use a pedal. The Boss NS-2 functions as a noise suppressor (as opposed to a gate)/silent tuning mute/power supply. If you need a pure gate in a pedal, I am familiar with the MXR, but I could almost swear that Digitech makes a pedal version as well. Try being more specific about your setup & needs if possible; it'll enable a more specific response.
  3. I want buy a pedal noise-gate. I have PD7 from Ibanez and in some settings it's very noisy.
  4. This would boil it down to 2 basic choices for a single-funtion noise gate pedal, both of which are discussed in my prior post. As you are in an area where MF (Musician's Friend) may not be available, I would recommend using the internet to research price and availability. Another option is a multi-FX floor system like Zoom or Boss, which would have a noise gate as part of the features. What else is in your signal chain pedal-wise? The Boss NS-2 can power 4 other 9v items and keep the noise down. Good hunting.

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