Looking for ideas on PJ wiring/control knob options

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  1. as the header states, I'm looking for some ideas to wire a set of PJ pickups on my Fender precision.

    I just picked up a set of DiMarzio model P and J set, and kicking around some ideas. I don't want to do any control cavity routing, and would prefer to run VVT, or a VT with blend.

    The thing I'm trying to do is keep the controls at the two knobs as I have in the past. I've had EMG active pickups in it for years, where the got the battery to fit, and just ran a volume for both pickups, bypassing the tone control, running full on.

    At this point I'd like to add the ability to control the tone, but retain the two knob set up.

    I've thought about running concentric pots to have control over the tone, but I'd rather just have the two volumes and a master tone, as I don't think I need individual tone controls over both pickups.

    To get an idea, I mostly run just the split coil pickup, and full on with tone and volume. I will roll the j pickup in some every now and then, and I'll roll the tone and volume a touch when playing with a pick or slapping. I normally play with my fingers with SSRW strings.

    Any ideas, and schematics would be a help. I'm just looking for ideas. I've also thought about putting a mini three way switch in as well, but I'd prefer not to drill holes in my pickguard.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    As a reference, the bass is the one on the right. Here I’ve got an EMG Geezer in the Split cool spot, and a disconnected EMG active in the j spot

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    Here's DiMarzio's own drawing for two volume pots:


    You could just blend in the bridge pickup to taste, which is what G&L expects folks to do on their SB-2.

    Here's their drawing for V/V/T, which you could accomplish with a concentric pot:


    I'd recommend 500K Ohm linear taper for volume pots, but I think in the case of a concentric pot it might be difficult to find linear taper.
    audio taper (logarithmic) 500K Ohm for the treble cut (tones) pot
  3. Thanks KBD, always helpful like normal. (Not saying you are normal)


    So what is the difference between audio and linear taper? Just curious and too lazy to do a search.

    I agree with the 500k pots from what I've heard about the model P. And suggestion regarding a cap value? I never messed with caps, normally going with the .47 as the standard bass cap.
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    If you want to back off a lot of high frequencies for a real dark sound, 47 nF is your choice. If want to retain more brightness use a 22 nF cap.
    1 nF = .001 uF
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