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Looking for informations on the rotosound RS4000 DB strings.

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by typpex, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. typpex


    May 9, 2004
    Hi everyone,

    I've send E-mail to rotosound for those information but they didn't pay any attention to my request , maybe they don't care for a new client!!!
    Despite of that, i'd like to know if their RS4000 are Flatwound ou round wound, if it's bowable, if the tension is high medium or low....and any informations you can give on those strings are welcomed.
    I play jazz be-bop and hard bop i play bowed choruses sometimes, and i also play rock'n'roll and rockabilly stuffs, i'd like to know if this kind of strings would fit those kind of play, even if this firm don't care about professional player like I am!!
    In advance thank you!!
    Sorry for my english i'm french!!
  2. Bonjour.
    Picato fabrique également les cordes Innovation, qui utilisent une âme synthétique, et sont disponibles en trois types:

    140H (Honey) qui ont une âme solide et filées métal plat.
    140B (Braided) qui ont une âme câblée et filées métal plat.
    Rockabilly qui ont une âme câblée je crois, et filées en nylon noir plat.

    Les premières sont recommendées pour le jazz ou si un son plus clair est requis.
    Les secondes pour le classique ou si un son plus sourd est requis.
    Les troisièmes pour le jeu slap.

    Email: info@innovationstrings.com
    Web: http://www.innovationstrings.com/index.html

    Ces cordes sont disponibles chez Lemur, Quinn Violins, pour n'en nommer que quelques uns.

    À mon avis elles sont probablement supérieures aux RotoSound RS4000, qui sont à peu près inconnues, bien qu'existant depuis quelques décennies. (ce qui donne une indication sur leur qualité)
  3. Peter Kaae

    Peter Kaae

    Oct 10, 2004
    The Rotosounds are low tension strings, but not as low as guts. The G and D are unwrapped nylon , and look a bit like guts from a distance. The A and E are same nylon core ,but flatwounded with some alloy called Monel. It looks and feels a bit like aluminium. They are really nice strings, and would be my next choice after gutstrings. They are quite good to slap too,,one great player who uses them is Pete Pritchard.
    I play fifties Chicago-style blues ala Willie Dixon, and want the genuine gut string sound, but as I say, the Roto´s are my second choice.The gauge is not as thick as Guts, but not as thin as steelstrings.
  4. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    Hey Francois, can you translate that for us non-french speakers, I'd like the educational benefits of your comments as well please:)
  5. I was just telling him about the Innovation strings, which are also made by Picato.
    I took half an hour to reply your private email on sept 4, and never got any reply, so I'm not in the mood to translate that, sorry.
  6. typpex


    May 9, 2004
    hi guys,

    Thank you for your reply, and sorry for the delay, i had trouble shooting with my connection.
    François can you tell me which innovation set would fit be-bop, hard bop, rockabilly and are those strings really bowable, and what about the gauge compared to gut for example, in advance thank you!!
    Thank you peter for your informations on the rotosound RS 4000 can you tell me if those are bowable?
    Thank you
  7. The Innovation Rockabilly set is low tension, and the flat black nylon wrap is unbowable.
    However the Honey and Braided models have flat metal wrap and are bowable. Both are thick gauge, almost like gut.
    The Honey set has more sustain and brighter tone, while the Braided is darker and the tone has a quicker decay.
    Hope this helps!
  8. Peter Kaae

    Peter Kaae

    Oct 10, 2004
    The Rotosounds are not recommended for arco. I think the Obligatos are a better compromise. They are not the best for either styles , but okay. I have not heard of 1 type of string that can do it all. But since I am playing oldtime blues and swing, some rockabilly and bluegrass too, i dont use the bow.
    The downside about Guts are the lousy tuning stability. In fact, this summer I allmost swore that i´ll never use guts again, because I hated tuning between allmost each song.
    The Rotos can keep the tuning every night.But I dont think that any synthetic unwrapped strings is good for arco.
    Have you tried the Obligatos ? What brand are you using now, steelstrings?

  9. Peter Kaae

    Peter Kaae

    Oct 10, 2004
    By the way,,,one string that might will work for you, is the Eurosonic lights. I´ve read somewhere that people uses a finegrade sanding paper on the strings, just where they bow.
    Then they are great strings for arco, and they are sure great for Jazz and swing, bebob and all. They have a huge volume,
    and a gauge allmost as thick as guts. Low tension, like the Rotosounds. I have tried a set , and they are really really great.
  10. typpex


    May 9, 2004
    Thank you again for your answer and advises.
    For now i'm using E&A labella black nylon and G&D spirocore solist ,the labella give powerfull sound and long sustain but too much tension for slap, the solist have a good tension but sound loosie for slap.
    I've tried obligatos, they are good but a bit of tension for me, not good for slap, i really like low tension , but too low like the supernil are not my cup of tea, gut tension are good for me (but you know the other problemes with gut).
    I 've checked out the eurosonics it seems to be a good compromise but i still can't choose between the light and ultra light. I hope the ultra light does not feel like the supernil, does anyone has made tension comparison?
    In advance thank you.
  11. Peter Kaae

    Peter Kaae

    Oct 10, 2004
    what I like about the Eurosonics are the tension, which is a bit higher than Supernils.The gauge is the same as supernils, whick is quite fat. The lowest tension is Guts, then Supernils,then Rotos, then Eurosonic (Lights)
    I think Eurosonics would be the choice for you.
    In Europe the eurosonics are called Presto, but its the exact same strings.


    nylon tape wound on steel rope

    Available in medium, light and ultralight gauges. Comparatively thick string diameters.

    "Presto strings were designed to combine the unique sound of natural gut strings with the convinient properties of steel rope core strings. Unlike gut strings, Presto strings stay in tune under temperature and humidity changes. They also have a short break-in time. Presto strings have a dark and mellow, but big tone with a strong sustain. They are of comparable low tension. They are an excellent choice for jazz, rockabilly or bluegrass players, searching for this particular "old school" double bass sound.
    Presto strings have a core of braided steel rope, wrapped with silk and metal wires. Finally, they are wound in a withe-translucent polyamid monofil, and polished to a smooth surface. Compared to other steel strings, Presto strings are of very low tension. They are very easy to play. The thicker gauge and the smooth Polyamid-surface lead to a very pleasant playing feel under your fingers.
    Presto strings are ideally suited for pizzicato and slapping techniques. For bowing, we recommend to roughen the bowing area with fine sandpaper.
    If strings of thinner diameters were used before, some setup work may be necessary at the saddle and bridge string notches.
    Due to their steel rope core, Presto strings also work with magnetic pickups. Presto strings are available for orchestra tuning (GDAE) and in regular, light and ultralight gauges."
  12. Obligatos are available in solo-tuning, should that interest you!
  13. typpex


    May 9, 2004
    Thank again for your answers and advises.
    A friend of mine plays with those obligatos solo, so i've tried them on his bass , their tension is good but does not sounds good for slap so....
    I think i'm gonna try the Presto strings (EUROSONICS) , but i'm still undecided between the Light gauge and the Ultralight gauge , i Think the ultra light are closer to gut tension so i may choose this one, and what i 've read about that says that this gauge is more efficient for powerfull sounding than the light gauge., If somoeone hve informations about that?
    Thank you again.
  14. I was reading this thread on the RS4000's and realized I might have a set! Lo and behold, I do! I bought them from Kolstein around 3 years ago for $85. They're in a cool red box. The label reads "Superb" Medium Guage Double Bass. G and D nylon flatwound, A and E metal flatwound. I had to go out to the barn and dig around for a while, but now I've got them on my desk and after tonight's gig I'll put them on my bass. I've been using the same Golden Spirals and A/E Spirocore for 4 years. Can't find more Golden Spirals and I've been hanging on to these way too long.
  15. Touch


    Aug 7, 2002
    Boulder, CO
    The RS-4000 don't bow well at all.

    I'm very happy with their sound on a '42 plywood Kay. I have the action set fairly high. They have a nice round fundamental and not too much sustain. They are very bouncy and you can get a nice slap "tick" from them.

    I didn't care for the Eurosonics at all. While the nylon (I think) wrap is easy on the fingers, they have quite a lot of tensions.

    My 2 cents!