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Looking for my first bass, need a bit of help!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by slashdotdash, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, i've recently decided that i'd like to start learning bass. I've done a bit of research about what to look for etc. but i'm a complete newbie, so bare with me. Since it's my first bass, i'm not gonna be too picky. I'll save that for my second purchase, i'll hopefully know what i'm looking for by then.

    I do however know what kind of sound/tone i'd like to get.

    I'm really into the producer/musician, Thundercat. His speciality is bass, and i really love his warm, rich basslines. For example, listen to this little jam he did a few months ago.

    Thundercat - $200 TB prod.Flying Lotus ft. Austin Peralta by Flyinglotus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    There's no doubt he probably uses a very high end bass and i'm not asking for the exact same sound, but something similar. After all, i've only set my budget at around £300. What kinda bass would i be looking for to get that warm tone? I've been looking at the Squier 70s Vintage Modified Jazz Bass. I know a lot of people put Squier down, but this has received quite good reviews. I've watch youtube videos on it but on some videos it sounds great and on some it sounds a bit nasally.

    Haven't decided on an amp yet, but i am going that warm, rich tone. Haha sorry if it's a bit vague. But it's all i can go by right now.

    Would be much appreciated if anyone could point me in the right direction.

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  3. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    Absolutely awesome ghostdog!
  4. Wow, thanks ghostdog. I suppose i should have searched the forums a bit first before i posted. I only really asked because of the particular tone i'm going for. I'll have a good look at these though, cheers!
  5. Squier Jazz bass vintage modified i´ts a good bass, and then, after you get some technique, you can get expensive ones, like Fender , Sadowsky , Lakland, Music Man etc....
  6. Yeah that's what i was thinking. Do you know if they're very versatile? As i said, on each of the videos i've seen of the 70s model, they sound slightly different.
  7. I wasn't trying to be flippant, but this question gets asked very often. There's a ton of information out there already, some of which you're not going to get again by posting a new thread.

    Anyway, in those linked threads there are more than 600 responses, some of which will probably answer your question. And if you read through the posts, you'll see a lot of the advice given is the same from thread to thread. IMO, it's good to pay attention to that stuff.

    The only other thing I'll throw out here is that if you want a "warmer" tone - and this is all subjective - you might want to look at a shortscale. And before you ask...


  8. Haha, thanks ghostdog. I think I am gonna go for the Squire VMJ. Anyone got any suggestions for amps that would go well with the Squire?
  9. chilipepperman


    May 16, 2011
    Ok Ghostdog,, time for a list of threads on amp recommendations. Sorry, I can't resist being flippant.

    My serious suggestion, however is to read comments in the amp section, also go to music stores that sell new and used gear and try out different amps, combos,head +cabinet, solid state vs tube, and let your ears decide while playing a bass like you intend on buying through various equipment. Your ears and budget and venue type will help you decide.

    PS. For years, a gigging friend of mine used vintage Acoustic brand head and matching cabinet. He had an awesome sound from antique gear. His Acoustic cabinet was a beast containing 18 inch speaker plus smaller ones.
    Now he plays a Portabass bass head and a 1x15. My point here is most of his sound came from his skill at making the bass sound good. When I bought my first rig, I did as I suggested to you. I took my P bass to the store and had the salesman plug me in to various amps and cabs. I played and listened to him play various rigs so I could get an audience point of view of the sound, and then picked the one that sounded best to me. In my case it was an Ampeg head and a Mesa 4x10 cabinet. Just to illustrate how a name on gear might or might not make a difference, the Mesa cabinet I bought made me assume it had Mesa Speakers in it. However, mine had David Eden 10 inch speakers inside. I believe these were original to this era of Diesel Mesa cabinets, made around 1993. I was also told Mesa used EV's before they went the proprietary Mesa speakers they use now in their cabinets. However you slice it, to my ears the Amps I've used sound good through these David Eden speakers which are in a case marked Mesa Boogie. Another interesting thing about my cabinet is it is in a road case. Did Mesa outsource these cases then add their wiring, crossover, horn, grille and just put Eden speakers in it? I've seen other Diesel cabinets that were Mesa carpet covered cabinets and now wonder if these had Ev's, Eden's like mine or what? As for the Eden Speakers, I hear Eden cabinets also have a good reputation and some of my favorite players use them. Some of my other favorites also play Ampeg, Gallien, Hartke and Genz Benz which all make decent gear.

    Whatever we decide on for amps, a process of research and advice from more experienced players, recommendations from salesman and our own ears should be the route you take to find the right fit in an amp rig. Sorry to be so long winded in making my point, but I had to try to illustrate the complex side of gear selection but boiling it down to the simple test drive method.
  10. Neither can I.

    Best New Combo Amp under $300?











    beginner amp under $100?









  11. chilipepperman


    May 16, 2011
    You and I must be twins by different mothers, ghostdog.
    However you are quite helpful to anyone needing a quick reference breakdown for multiple posts. Thanks for both lists, I am sure they'll make good reading!!

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