looking for some help from TB'ers that have sold stuff on Ebay...

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  1. I've got something for sale on ebay, and someone has put a bid on it... now what?

    I plan to contact the buyer as soon as the auction is over to get his payment method and mailing address.

    I stated in the description that I wouldn't overcharge for shipping, but what's the quickest way to determine accurate shipping and insurance charges? My plan is to go through UPS, unless the buyer wants to ship another way. What the heck, he's paying for it.

    What I want to do is put the item in the buyers hands with as small a delay as possible- once his payment clears, of course.;) The faster and smoother this transaction goes the faster I get my new jazz type bass!

    Is there a way to check this out online, including insurance costs?

    Anything good or bad I should know about?

    Anybody have experience with this sort of thing?



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  3. Just got to the UPS website. If you know the weight and dimensions of the article you are sending, and the zip codes, you can calculate the exact shipping costs. I think insurance is around .45 for each $100 after the the first $100.
    which is automatically covered.