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Looking for song feedback

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by szvonek, May 18, 2001.

  1. This is totally self-serving, but I respect everyone on this board, and would love some honest feedback on a couple songs our band just recorded. They're at this location:


    Keep in mind we didn't have time (read: money) to totally finalize them, so they're more or less in demo form (the mixing isn't perfect, there are a couple timing issues, etc.), but you can get an idea. Looking for any constructive criticism on anything you pick up on, song form, melody, bass, singing, etc. etc., good or bad. Thanks Talkbass people!!
  2. I haven't heard the track yet. It is still downloading but I must say that your band logo rocks. It is probably the coolest one i've seen. I will let you know what I think of your song once I hear it. Till then keep on rockin!
  3. Thanks man...that's esp. cool for me to hear since I drew it.
    I'm almost afraid to ask what you thought of the songs since you haven't posted again...!!...?? Anyway, I like how Elastic Snow turned out; the songs probably aren't everyone's style, but they're a lot of fun to play for sure.
  4. strange, I couldn´t use kjarri@the-bass.net or icebass@li.is when I was downloading your song... strange...

    anyway... am downloading it now...
  5. i didnt download the whole song, cause my internet is running like crap right now, but what i listened to sounded pretty good.
  6. ok.. the song´s here... one of them anyway (track 2)... (you might wanna fill out the ID3 tags...)

    cool song... it´s not that badly mixed...

    I like it! :)

    I´ve also downloaded a bit of the other song (track 1)..

    I like track 2 better.. can´t remember the name...

    anyway, I´m pretty tired.. I´ll listen to it some more tomorrow...
  7. ok... I´ve now had more time to listen to your songs...

    I like Elastic Snow.. cool song... :) 'nuff said

    but Me & My friends... I don´t like that song as much ... no offense or anything, nothing you can do about, _I_ just don´t like it... also, it´s obviously worse mixed than Elastic Snow..

    anyway, rock on! :D
  8. Yeah, I think the bass is too low on Me & My Friends, :) and we need to add some more parts to that one. Thanks for taking a listen guys!
  9. NJXT


    Jan 9, 2001
    Lyon, FRANCE
    I liked both of them, but especially the first one ("Elastic Snow" ? Great title).
    IMHO, the sound could have a little improvement : snare drum could have more punch, guitar lacks a little of "Grrrrrr" (see what I mean ? 'cause I don't ;) ), a little more bass (don't you agree ? ;) )and vocals are too much "in front".
    But I really dig the songs.

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