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Looking for sound clips of Aguilar AG500 head

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by hooligans, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. hooligans


    Aug 2, 2005
    Last summer I purchased a Lakland 55-02 from a fellow tber. I have been thrilled with this bass so far, but I feel it is now time to upgrade my amp since it is getting old and.. well not giving me the diverse sound i know my bass can give,

    My large amp is a Yamaha 1x15 combo. It's from the mid 80's I believe meaning large and heavy as well as having some degrading electronics and a not so clear sound.

    My practice amp is a Peavey Microbass which i find great for playing at low volumes any point in the day.

    Since I'm practicing with my bands more, and will probably be playing gigs in the near future, I want to upgrade my amp and as I said before, I'm looking mostly at an AG500 head and probably a GS212.

    I was looking for some recent feedback, as I've read lots of reviews from harmonycentral, TB's reviews, and some first impressions on this forum when the AG500 first came out.

    I would also like to hear any clips of the amp, mainly a comparison between the two channels, since that feature has made me lean more towards this amp.

    Thank you.
  2. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    search is your friend, cause we've talked to death about this great amp.
  3. hooligans


    Aug 2, 2005
    I have seen that.... but I haven't heard the amp itself yet.
  4. Groovin


    May 25, 2006
    Wash, D.C.
    Mmmmm. Basstasters.com
  5. hooligans


    Aug 2, 2005
    I did actually check basstesters... and it wasn't there either

    I'm sorry to start yet another thread on this amp, but the thing is I don't live near any dealer that sells Aguilar amps... and there is no way I would be able to try one out. So the best I can do is get some sort of idea of what it sounds like through soundclips, so I can take the chance and spend 1300+ dollars on a head. I'll actually change the title of this thread to reflect what i'm looking for... just so there isn't as many misunderstandings.

    I'm sorry I wasn't totally clear at first.
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